Thomas G.

Re: Transmission Service for Cadillac

Dear Tom,

I wanted to thank you again for the responsive servicing of my 1986 Cadillac.

As you will recall, the servicing of my Cadillac was necessitated because of the improper installation of the transmission filter by a quick lube shop two days earlier.  Had you not been a reputable an customer oriented service and repair business, you could have easily charged me for a very expensive and unnecessary transmission overhaul.  Instead you simply removed the improperly installed and damaged filter; and professionally serviced the transmission only to the minor extent necessary.

You certainly have the attitude of pleasing and taking care of your customers and not just making sales.

If you have occasion for referring potential customers, please be assured that I am available and more than willing to indorse the fine service provided by A-1 Transmission.


Thomas G.