Michael K.

Dear Mr. Menten,

Over the last 40 years, when I had transmissions replaced, they usually needed additional repairs and didn't function very well.  I had pretty much accepted that as the norm. That is--until I ran into your company!  

Three years ago, while working for an electrical contractor, I started experiencing transmission problems with my company van.  My boss told me to take the van into your shop for a new transmission.  Although we expected and were prepared to have a new transmission installed, you were able to fix the transmission in about 15 minutes (while I waited) by merely installing a $32 part.  I was impressed by your integrity and mechanical ability.

Last Spring, (while in Utah's Canyonlands) on my family's annual Spring break vacation, my dealer rebuilt transmission gave out on my Chevy Van.  We had the van towed back to Denver because they could not get to it for two months at the transmission shops in Moab, Utah.  The next day I had the van towed to your transmission shop.  Your shop not only found the cause of the transmission breakdown (a loose harmonic balancer) but also found a bad U-Joint that left undetected may have caused the van to flip.  My van was fixed promptly and economically.  I was given a very detailed list of the replaced parts.  Also, the incorrect parts that were in the transmission from the previous rebuilding by the Chevy Dealer's top transmission guy were replaced.  I never had a bit of trouble with that transmission and I sold the van last month and bought a newer van.

Your company's mechanical ability, integrity and genuine interest in your customers is what makes your business one of the finest businesses that I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with.  

I would highly recommend A-1 Transmission to anyone with transmission problems!!!

Sincerely yours,

Michael K.