Dear Mr. Menten,

Over the last 40 years, when I had transmissions replaced, they usually needed additional repairs and didn't function very well.  I had pretty much accepted that as the norm. That is--until I ran into your company!  

Three years ago, while working for an electrical contractor, I started experiencing transmission problems with my company van.  My boss told me to take the van into your shop for a new transmission.  Although we expected and were prepared to have a new transmission installed, you were able to fix the transmission in about 15 minutes (while I waited) by merely installing a $32 part.  I was impressed by your integrity and mechanical ability.

Last Spring, (while in Utah's Canyonlands) on my family's annual Spring break vacation, my dealer rebuilt transmission gave out on my Chevy Van.  We had the van towed back to Denver because they could not get to it for two months at the transmission shops in Moab, Utah.  The next day I had the van towed to your transmission shop.  Your shop not only found the cause of the transmission breakdown (a loose harmonic balancer) but also found a bad U-Joint that left undetected may have caused the van to flip.  My van was fixed promptly and economically.  I was given a very detailed list of the replaced parts.  Also, the incorrect parts that were in the transmission from the previous rebuilding by the Chevy Dealer's top transmission guy were replaced.  I never had a bit of trouble with that transmission and I sold the van last month and bought a newer van.

Your company's mechanical ability, integrity and genuine interest in your customers is what makes your business one of the finest businesses that I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with.  

I would highly recommend A-1 Transmission to anyone with transmission problems!!!

Sincerely yours,

Michael K.


Re: Transmission Service for Cadillac

Dear Tom,

I wanted to thank you again for the responsive servicing of my 1986 Cadillac.

As you will recall, the servicing of my Cadillac was necessitated because of the improper installation of the transmission filter by a quick lube shop two days earlier.  Had you not been a reputable an customer oriented service and repair business, you could have easily charged me for a very expensive and unnecessary transmission overhaul.  Instead you simply removed the improperly installed and damaged filter; and professionally serviced the transmission only to the minor extent necessary.

You certainly have the attitude of pleasing and taking care of your customers and not just making sales.

If you have occasion for referring potential customers, please be assured that I am available and more than willing to indorse the fine service provided by A-1 Transmission.


Thomas G.

Dear Tom,

This is a very belated thank-you, but a truly sincere one, none the less.  Late June, I was driving cross county with a good friend of mine in a Jeep Grand Cherokee.  While trying to climb the mountains outside of Golden on our way to California, our transmission began leaking, and since were on a tight time schedule to arrive in Los Angeles, I frantically searched the phone directory for a nearby service station, and luckily found A-1 Transmission.

You were very helpful and friendly.  You quickly and thoroughly evaluated the car, discovered what the problem was, and fixed it.  Then you had the nerve not to hand me a bill.

Your kindness was genuinely appreciated.  If I can every repay the favor of a complete stranger like you, let me know.


Vascular Surgery Fellow

Harbor - UCLA Medical Center



Dear Tom,

Thanks for the follow up with us about our motor home.  Once we got home we finally got around to taking the motorhome into the local transmission shop.  Their builder, also named Tom by the way, hoped he might find a bad gasket on the valve that activates the reverse band.  No such luck.  He pulled the transmission and did find a bad reverse band.  The transmission mechanic here gave you a supreme compliment .  He said he has been rebuilding for most of his life and spotted your excellent work.  He confirms what we already knew.

We appreciate your help while we were visiting Colorado.  

Kent, Sunnie, Shastin and Schuster


You were right on with your diagnosis of my son's Dodge Stratus.  It was the control module.  But even after taking the car back to the local Dodge dealer and explaining what you did and said, they still replaced the speed sensor.  Only when that fix only worked for 20 minutes did they dig further.

Thanks again for your help and kindness.

Merry Christmas!

Doug and Lynne

Some mechanics don't have fancy waiting rooms but they know what they are doing and the bill is very fair.
Tom has great mechanical skills and he does all sorts of repairs, not just transmissions.  Over the years I had a couple other shops do emergency repairs because it seemed convenient and it never fails they would screw it up or miss items, Tom is worth the drive.  I have 2 older cars (15 yr+) and A-1 has taken good care of them for years.  I know I'm not the only one because a big chunk of his customers have been going there for years and years for all their car repairs.

Sam - Yelp January 2015 review

I called Matt one afternoon to talk about my car, which was having some kind of issues. Matt was very patient with me, since I didn't know all the specifics of my car and had a hard time explaining what it was doing. We took the car over and dropped it off for them to look at when they had a chance. He called back with bad news. It was a transmission issue and it was going to be expensive to fix. Because the car wasn't worth much more than what the repairs would have cost, we decided not to fix it. I appreciate the honesty we received from this shop, and I value the fact that he didn't treat me differently or try to take advantage of me because I am a woman. I would take cars with transmissions problems here first in the future.

Jenny - Yelp review May 2015

My Stratus was having issues upshifting after i replaced the battery, and I took it in to an auto repair shop who told me I'd need to rebuild my transmission. I took it to Tom, he checked it out same day and told me the problem was the computer. When I took it to a dealer, it took them three days to find the same problem. So, down to the point, Tom is awesome, friendly, and he knows his way around a transmission. Recommending him to all of my friends.


There's a lot I can say about Tom and Matt. All positive. They were fixing something small in my Honda Civic's transmission. I don't know anything about cars but they took the time to explain to me what was wrong and did it at a very reasonable price. They are those honest mechanics that you are looking for! Don't be intimidated by the messy entrance. Walk in and they will treat you like family